Appalachian Dog Training is where your legend begins and our job starts. Through our unique and state of the art techniques. We offer lecture, demonstrations and hands on learning. Our programs are presented in a crawl, walk, run format. Giving you access to some of the worlds most advanced & exclusive training.

About Us

Our foundation, shape and core is built on the belief of high standing morals. This is displayed through our outstanding customer service and work ethics. Its not just a job but our passion. We work hard to improve the industry and raise self-awareness. To make ones home or work a safer and funner place. Not only for a individual, co-worker or ones family.
But also in regards of the dog. To lower the number of dogs surrendered & euthanized. Not only to maintain but to enhance the working and service dogs of society.

Our Programs

With our easy crawl, walk to run concept. You and your dog will be up to speed in no time. We offer a large array of training  to choose from. You can even customize for what fits your personality best. We offer basic training, advanced training, boarding, agility, rehabilitation, puppies, house breaking, leash handling, bite work, detection, trailing, herding & much more like fun lessons at home with the family.
Our programs are designed to be fun, educational & effective. Flexibility is no problem for we understand each clients needs will vary. Programs will be picked by each persons situation.

Training Methods

Historically and still to this day most trainers choose compulsion as their primary tool. In recent years many trainers have adopted purely positive or non-evasive methods. We follow in neither of these categories.
Our techniques are comprised of being well balanced between the two. Allowing us to have the best possible outcome. While remaining fun and stress free. As a high degree of mutual respect is active.


Cave canem "beware the dog" since the beginning of recorded time dogs have been their. Guarding our flocks from wolves to defending our homes from intruders.

Pet Dogs

As of 2017 statistics their was a estimated number of 78 million pet dogs living in the United States homes. Approximately 3.3 million where sheltered with 670,000 euthanized. 44% of all households have at-least one dog. Problematic behaviors is the leading cause of dogs being re-homed, sheltered or euthanized.
Training does not have to be extensive or difficult. Basic training fixes the majority of these problems. Inadvertently your dog has already been trained one way or another. It starts at day one of birth and continues for life. If you refuse to train your dog. Your dog will take the initiative and train itself.


Working Dogs

Within the past decade their has been a significant increase in the demand for working dogs. This can be seen in the military, police force & private sector. They are used all over the globe. This is demonstrated in every terrain and climate. There is well over 100 different types of jobs for these dogs and their handlers.
Do to the high demand their has been a decrease in quality and dependability. Primarily do to trainers  cutting corners, This can have a devastating or life threatening effect. We believe in a dependable product that is unparalleled to other competitors. We emphasize quality over quantity.

Service Dogs

Each and every day the community is expanding. Every persons situational need is complex and different. There is over a dozen types of specialization available for service dogs. And each day this number is growing do to experiments in new medical treatment and pioneers. Visual, hearing, wheelchair, brace, mobility, seizure, diabetic, allergy, psychiatric, emotional, medical & much more.


Our history with dogs is a long story just waiting to be explored. We will take you on a spectacular adventure around the world and through time. This journey will start at approximately 33,000 years ago to modern society. We will visit places like the frozen tundra of Siberia, forest of Europe, sands of Egypt and jungles of South America. They were the first domesticated animals and have rose to be the most successful. They guard our homes and livestock to our dead in the afterlife.
We will learn about mythical stories like werewolves and red riding hood. Religious significance such as Anubis and Cerberus. Dogs are even spoken of in Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Mesoamerica, Paganism, Animism, Islamic, Muslamic and much more.
They have been buried with our dead for thousands of years. Sculpted onto pottery and stone around the world.  Written into poetry and even into the codes of Roman law.