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This is a privately owned company who is dedicated to each and every clients specfic individual needs. We work in a case by case manner to meet the demands of all our customers. Each clients personal information is confidential and not released or published in any way.


Appalachian Dog Training offers training for basic obedience, advanced obedience, behavior modification, puppies, house training, nipping/mouthing, bolting, digging, inappropiate chewing, excessive barking, counter surfing, coprophagia, separation anxiety, resource guarding, bite work, scent work and much more like fun groups for agility and even mantrailing.

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No Dog Left Behind


We give one free in house consultation to anyone who adopits a new family member from a local shelter. We offer discounted group classes from our basic obidence class.


Some Of Our Training Programs


We offer the ultimate escape from civilization for your dog. A enviroment suitable for any and all dogs that will reduce stress and increase a number of natural behaviours.


Socialization and relationships is one of the most important factors in a dogs mental development. This is espically important in puppies.


Separation Anxiety is one of the most difficult problems that is commonly seen in modern day society. This can varry dog to dog from results of genetics to traumatizing events.


Puppies can be fun and challenging energetic creatures with destructive habbits. Left unattended can result in countless problems that can ultimately result in the death of a dog. Training is essential in a dogs development and starts on day one and continues for the rest of the dogs life.


Many owners find this to be a difficult and challenging issue. This can be a easy task with the proper patience and understanding of how dogs work and think. The most important tools for this task will be primarily be comprised of consistency and proper management.


Dog handling is a art, and must be practiced to become a fluent motion on behalf of the dog and owner. Typically loose leash walking and the heel are great alternatives to a pulling dog.

At Home Lesson

Experience a spectacular and thrilling time inside your own home with our in house private lessons. They range from basic obedience to the highest levels of training


 A good trainer will use all types of equipment and will not be narrow minded in the use and application of them. And will also teach his clients on proper application. Because with the lack of knowledge and improper timing any application of any stimulus can be used wrong. If a person only uses a positive reinforcement (aka treats only) it can even be used improper. Meaning you may or may not have just rewarded the undesired behavior.


Bite Work

Bite work has been recorded in battle since 600 B.C. and possibly longer in ancient Greek, Roman, Egypt, Britain and other long forgotten civilizations. We stride to preserve this lineage and to incorporate this into modern society.


Dogs have been used for thousands of years in protection. This can varry from protecting livestock, someones home or even a infant.


In a world of ever increasing crime, terrorism and turmoil so is the increaseing demand of detection dogs. It is not just our job but our passion to see this mission not only accomplished but successful.


Trailing has also been used for many years among the working dog community in activities like man hunting, sport and even hunting game for hunters.

Basic Training

Basic Obedience can vary from oranges to apples. It comes in many shapes and sizes. It can varry from a basic come with a implied heel-sit to simply staying out of the trash can.

Behaviour Modification

Behaviour modification is the direct change of one behaviour to another. This is hardly if never a easy task for any dog trainer. We must adress this task with the education of how the dogs mind works. And with the proper utilization of equipment and experience. This will take a steady hand and the virtue of patience.


Boarding can be extremly important or convenient in many situations. Espically if your going out of town for the week and your fuzzy family member will be left alone for extended periods of time.


Agility is a confidence building, hobby and competition activity that dogs of all shapes and sizes may participate in.


A learned behaviour usually consist of a undesirable behaviour like jumping, barking, whining, pulling on a leash and etc. These are also considered self rewarding behaviours.