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Basic Training

Basic Obedience can vary from oranges to apples. It comes in many shapes and sizes. It can varry from a basic come with a implied heel-sit to simply staying out of the trash can.

Behaviour Modification

Behaviour modification is the direct change of one behaviour to another. This is hardly if never a easy task for any dog trainer. We must adress this task with the education of how the dogs mind works. And with the proper utilization of equipment and experience. This will take a steady hand and the virtue of patience.


Boarding can be extremly important or convenient in many situations. Espically if your going out of town for the week and your fuzzy family member will be left alone for extended periods of time.


Agility is a confidence building, hobby and competition activity that dogs of all shapes and sizes may participate in.


A learned behaviour usually consist of a undesirable behaviour like jumping, barking, whining, pulling on a leash and etc. These are also considered self rewarding behaviours.